Sunday, October 11, 2015

Special Multi Zone Conference with Elder & Sister Pearson from the Area Authority. We felt so blessed to have spent time with them. We had a family home evening with them, where he spoke and answered questions and gave us a background on the health of the prophet & apostles.

All the senior couples helped with the food. From left to right: Sister Hannan, Elder Grey, Elder Jurgens, Elder Hall (background), Sister Hall, Sister Larkin, Elder Larkin, Sister Wilmott, Elder Wilmott, Sister Baker ( this is her 3rd mission. She served in Nauvoo, Africa, and now Adelaide).

The Pearsons at lunch with our sister missionaries.  Sister Craig & Sister Townsend are on the center right.

More sisters with the Pearsons. Sister Tamana is next to Sister Pearson, Sister Mason & Sister Condie are across from her. 

Wow and here are the Larkin's serving up lunch.Sister 

Sister Esplin & Sister Taylor in front.  Sister Kereama & Sister Vaioleti

More beautiful Sisters

More handsome Elders.  Elder Beard (front left) and Elder Martineau (front right)

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