Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leavers Dinner with one of our Assistants, Elder Matakohi

The skirt cutting ceremony for Sister Goisisi.  Shine will be returning to New Zealand and she already has a date for Friday night!  Go Sister Gosisi

Elder Soli, he will be returning home to Hawaii

Elder Seru, he shared a beautiful, humble testimony.  He will return home to Fiji.

Elder Tonga will be returning home to Tonga- that was easy to remember

Elder Martineau will be going home to Utah

Elder Lee, He will return home to S. Korea . We got to know Elder Lee from our many phone calls while he served in Alice Springs as the Branch President.  He also sat on a knife that was in a truck and the edge of it came through and cut through his leg just 3 weeks befor he coming to Adelaide to return home. 

The group of us. Front row: Elder Seru, Soli, Martineau, Tonga, Lee.  Back row: Larkin's, Sennetts, Sister Goisisi, the St Johns.  With their cut ties/scarf on the table.  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our new 'ARRIVERS' to the Australia Adelaide Mission. February 24, 2016

 It's always exciting when we have our new missionaries come. We got 11 Elders and 1 Sister.  Left to right:  Elder Langi (from Fiji), Elder Bennion, Elder Hartman, Elder Hammond, Sister Maea, Sister & President Parker, Elder Fepuleai, Elder Mose (back), Elder Burdge, Elder Smith, Elder Martin, Elder Christy, Elder Raiqisa

Friday, February 26, 2016

Our 'LEAVERS' at the Temple Feb 20, 2016. This is part of the tradition when our missionaries who are ready to finish their mission, we all go to the Temple together

 Left to right: Dad, Elder DeOlivera, Elder Soli (from Hawaii), Elder Lee (from Korea) 

Sisters visiting

Our wonderful sisters serving in the Firle area.  We love them.  Left to right: Sister Villanueva, Sister Asera, Sister Gosisi (leavers), Sister Rougeau

We not only love them, but they love each other: Sister Villanueva, Sister Goisisi Sister Rougeau

Elder's 'LEAVERS'. Left to right: Elder Seru (Darwin) Elder Lee (Alice Springs), Elder Tonga, Elder Martineau, Elder Soli

The group with President & Sister Parker

Dad sitting with Elder DeOlivera on the Temple grounds. The flowers are glorious and beautiful

Our 'LEAVERS' including our Sister Goisisi, with Pres Parker. Half of them wanted to style pose. 

A picture with Dad & I in the picture with our wonderful missionaries. Left to right: Elder Seru, Elder Lee, President & Sister Parker, Sister Goisisi, Sister & Elder Larkin, Elder Tonga, Elder Martineau, Elder Soli

Here we see one of our newer elders, Elder Gaastra in the white shirt next to Pres Parker, Craig Hughes (Parker's son in law), Dad 

My dearest friend, Sister Parker standing with me, Sister Larkin.  I will love her through the eternities  

Fun in the mission office. Dad is in the front, our assistants- Elder Flinders (right), Elder Matekohi (waving), Elder Wilmott (financial)

Valentine Day Dad sent me beautiful red roses

Our Sister missionaries gave us a beautiful evening for Valentine's Day with music, games, sharing memories with dinner of enchiladas, garlic bread, salad, &  fruit.  Front row left to right: Sister Taylor (pianist), Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Lee-lo, Sister Taufa, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Soh.  Couples from left to right: Sennetts (new couple), Parkers, Larkin's, St Johns, Wilmotts.

Sister Taylor our pianist

Our dear sisters who made our Valentine day so special. Left to right, front to back: Sister Soh, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Taufa (she looks just like my niece-Gabriella), Sister Taylor, Sister Lee-lo, Sister Fa'alogo

Sister Soh & Sister Vaioleti