Sunday, March 20, 2016

Elder Hefa Tie-cutting ceremony at the mission home before leaving to return home to Tonga

Senior Couples with Elder Hefa.  Left to right:  Elder & Sister St John, Elder Hefa, Elder & Sister Larkin, the Wilmotts sitting on the couch.

Elder Flinders, Elder Hefa, Pres Parker, Elder Matekohi at the mission office

Tender poem that we love dearly and expresses our feelings of love for home and our offering of our will to the Lord.

March 12, 2016 Baptism of Sister Ufagalilo. It was a beautiful baptism and her entire family (Samoans) made the food. There were heaps of food!  Left to right:  Elder Larkin, Sister Larkin, Sister Coultrup, Sister Freitas, Sister Ufagalilo & her husband Brother Ufagalilo, President Parker, Sister Parker.

Kimber & Craig Hughes visiting Australia. It was great fun to see them and have them here with us. It made me feel a little bit of home was brought to us here in Adelaide.

With the Assistants: Elder Matekohi, Kimber, Craig, & Elder Flinders

The van is leaving and Assistants were backing up President Parker.

Elder Flinders & Sister Wilmott catching the moment.

March 7, 2016 Mission Tour with Elder & Sister Kevin Pearson of the Quorum of Seventy and Pacific Area President. They are in the front center (Sister Pearson in the Red Jacket). We are on the right (Melanie's in the green sweater)

We felt extra special to have our picture taken with the Pearsons.  We love them for loving us and making us feel special. 

Alice Springs Mission Tour visit

Darwin's Mission Tour

So proud of our Whitney & Jenny who ran in the 'Colors marathon'

Bryce & Jenny

Jackson & Ava

Jake & Lilly

Jane & Lilly

Jane & Jakie
Connor winning 3rd place for his First Pinewood Derby race.. Go Connor Go!!

Little Lilly

Henley Beach. Dad & I had a Saturday afternoon so we drove to Henley Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Our family & children & Papa Smith while at on the 'BOULDERS' weekend. Left to right:  Brandon, Megan, Eric Whitney, Tawnie, Adam (nephew), Jane, Kyle, Jenny, Bryce, Papa

Whitney & Eric

Bryce & Jenny

Kyle & Jane