Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prospect Ward's Baptism of Bram. October 3, 2015. We felt the excitement of this young man's baptism and his desire to learn and do what the Savior would have him do. We have been assigned to the Prospect Ward and to help with the many Chinese students attending the University that want to learn about the gospel. We are teaching the ESL, english as a second language to several of these students.

left to right: Elder & Sister Farrer, Brother Lu (ward mission leader) & wife, Elder Fleming is in the background, Brother Bram (baptized) is center front, Elder Baker directly behind him, then Bishop Clark, Elder 
?, the Larkin's and then the Gray's.  
Elder Fleming & Bram.  Elder Fleming is on fire with sharing the gospel!

Us with Bram.  We can feel his testimony in pure form 

leaving the flat with breakfast english muffins with the yummiest cherry jam I've ever had

Just a selfie!

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