Sunday, October 11, 2015

Modbury Zone Conference. President Parker, Elder Gray, & Elder Larkin are enjoying donuts for lunch.

Now they are enjoying the fruits of their labor and balancing eating the donuts before. 

Sister Soh on the right, Sister Boswell on the left,  Sister Siale (left), Sister Vaioleti, & Sister Tu'uu (right)

Elder & Sister Wilmott who we love dearly for their true devotion to the work and their quiet humor and then loving us - that takes a lot of work!

Two of our hardest working elders. Elder Larson & Elder Fleming.

The newest couple:  Elder & Sister Farrer.  We love them like our own family.  Elder Fleming in the background just can't help himself.  When it comes to food, Elder Fleming can not get full!

Elder Larkin trying to get the elders to eat more pizza and chocolate muffins.  The elders are usually more than happy to comply.  Elder Betonio (front left), Elder Kata, Elder Beard, Elder Pitama (AP)

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