Sunday, October 11, 2015

President Parker's 60th Birthday September 9, 2015. Hot fudge brownie and a chorus of missionaries singing happy birthday. This was the 'arrivers' day and they were so very tired but relieved to have a home cook meal and to share their testimonies.

This is the group of 'Arrivers'.  This is our new group that we came with and will be watching throughout our mission because they are first ones we know. They are a remarkable group but even more remarkable as individual missionaries.  Their testimonies were profound and great.
 After lunch, I will help them get all the bedding, and binders, and Elder Larkin will help them with driving lessons. Learning to drive on the opposite of the road takes patience and concentration.  

Here's a better picture.  Back row -Left to right: Elder Komaisavai from Fiji, Elder Eseuta from Phillippines (he would take my hand and raise it to his forehead - a sign of respect and honor, I was the one that was honored), Elder Hayes from Canada, Elder Baker from Highland, Utah, President Parker, Sister Parker, Elder Hamilton from Mapleton, Utah, Elder Heindel from Nampa, Idaho,  Elder Kock from Henderson, Nevada.  Front row:  Sister Taylor from Santaquin, Utah,  Sister Mason from Hershey, Pennsylvania,  Sister Rougeau from Jonesboro, Arkansas (her sister is now in the MTC waiting to go to Croatia), and Sister Townsend from Texas.   

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