Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day with Elders for breakfast & phone calls & Skype. Left to right: Elder Furhiman, Elder Larkin & Sister Larkin, Elder Flinders, & Elder Barnes. These are wonderful young men with strong testimonies and they are great leaders in the mission

Trying to play ping-pong paddle. Mom is still the champion. Dad & Elder Furhiman

El;dear Tolbert taking a shot at ping pong paddle

Elder Tolbert (from St.George) and Elder Flinders in the background.  We had so much fun with these elders on Christmas Day as they talked/ face timed their families.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Sisters singing at the Rundle Mall. We had two nights of the elders singing, and one night for the sisters to sing. From left to right: Sister Condie on the flute, Sister Reola (behind the music), Sister Goisisi, sister Rougeau, Sister Townsend, Sister Mason on the violin.

There were many people that would stop and take pictures and video and even dance with them singing as the children are doing here.  

The elders on the 2nd day singing.  This time with microphones and ampliphyer.  They were great!  They sang many of the same songs that they sang at the Christmas Missioniary Fireside.  

Heading to the Rundle Mall for our missionaries to sing. Dad did a selfie while driving! Rundle Mall is the largest Mall in Adelaide. It is in the heart of the city and we've been anxious to get a presence in the mall to teach. But while we are singing, the rules of 'busking'-singing is that there is no proselyting or handing anything out. So we sang the carols/hymns of Christmas to be an example and share the meaning of Christmas through song. They are singing in 110 degree heat. This is summer here in Australia. This makes for a warm Christmas!

Left -right,  Elder Baker, Elder Agulliar, Elder Barnett, Elder Togia with guitar, Elder McMurray (he was loving performing), Elder Fa 

They were so excited to keep singing that they sang all through the parking garage.  It was wonderul.  I think they liked the echo of hearing the voices too. 

Little Lilly playing in the powder sugar. She is really happy with herself and I hope mom is smiling! We couldn't pass up putting this picture in our blog!

This is Connor who made a Koala ornament in our honor.  Bless our dear grandson for thinking of his grandparents.  This is what we pray for  - that our grandchildren will remember us.  We love you !

This is Papa & Shauna's Christmas Card to us. It would be better if I could figure out how to turn it around.   Just look side ways!!! Hehehe

Baptism of Angel & Nancy at the Prospect Ward. Our sister missionaries on left is Sister Lee-lo, right is Sister Taufa. Mark is the Chinese man that baptized them. Both of the young women have also been attending the ESL class. We have been in awe of their humble testimonies.

We face timed with Jane & Jake & Lilly. This is one of our favorite pictures. They are literally reaching out and touching us on the screen. I love Lilly's pigtails!

Ava all ready for Christmas! What a doll

Ava & Jackson with Santa

This is dad & I taking a picture on our end of the computer on face time.  

Friday, December 18, 2015

Day at the Adelaide Temple with Sister Parker (center), Sister Tennis, Sister Larkin

Elder Rigby and Elder Briscoe were the only missionaries going home this transfer. Elder Rigby on Sister Parker's right.  Elder Briscoe on President Parker's left.  Actually Elder Briscoe was reassigned to serve in the Arizona mission because his visa had expired.  The other side of Elder Briscoe is Elder Skadins. The other side of Elder Rigby is Elder Matekohi (AP).  This is the first time we were able to get to the Temple.  We so enjoyed being in the House of Lord.  

Elder Rigby leaving.  We only met him a couple of days before and our heart was loving and missing him.  He served "out bush" meaning the he and a companion lived out in the middle of the aborigines by Alice Springs.  They can only stay outbush during the somewhat cooler months, because they literally live in tin-type house that heats up like an oven. He is returning home to New Zealand.  

Elder Rigby with our APs: Elder Matekohi (right), Elder Rigby, Elder Pitcher (left)

Wayne & Melanie with colored pictures from our grandchildren on our fridge

Our son, Bryce & little Jackson

Our daughter, Jane & Kyle & Jake,,, where's Lilly?

Our grandson,Connor, with his piano teacher at his first piano recital.  We are so proud of him and his piano performance. 

Bryce & Jenny- this looks like their super painting.  So beautiful!

Jake & Lilly helping mom make cookies.  They look mischievous and cute!

Brian Head Cabin:   Eric & Whitney(Whit must be taking the picture). Easton in front, Eric holding London, Sierra, & Connor, and even the dog, Dana made it in the picture