Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beautiful hour drive through the country side to Murray Bridge Zone Conference

Here are all the missionaries in the Murray Bridge Zone. Back left to front right:  Sister & Elder Larkin, Elder Taleo, Elder Pitcher (back, A,P,) Elder Pitama, Elder & Sister Gray, Elder McClutchie (back), Sister Taylor, Sister Fa'alogo (front) Elder Lapenmal (back) & Elder Johnson (tall one), Sister Esplin, Sister Reola, President & Sister Parker.  This was wonderful zone conference with Dominos Pizza for lunch.  Missionaries always love pizza.

More lunch with Sister Esplin, Sister Taylor, Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Reola, Sister Larkin

The elders: Elder Taleo, Elder McClutchie, Elder Pitcher & Elder Pitama, & Sister Larkin

The Grays, who are one of the hardest working couples I've seen.

This is Elder Johnson who is training Elder Lapenmal.  There have a great companionship and Elder Johnson even trusted Elder Lapenmal to cut his hair.  How can you help but just love those big smiles!

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