Sunday, October 25, 2015

More little pumpkins! Sierra, Connor, London & Easton. How we love each one and their diverse little personalities. This picture portrays that! We love them!!

Back to the Beatty Sand Dunes.  Whitney holding London, Easton in front, Sierra, Connor, and Eric.  They were flooded out and had to stay an extra day in the motel there.  Beatty motels are a little questionable.  Good thing they were all together with Jane & Kyle too for protection!!

Now at Disneyland.  Wish we were there!!

Back to the Beatty Sand Dunes: Jane, Lilly & Kyle.  Where's Jake???  

Elder & Sister Gray are leaving. They are all packed and ready to go. They have been a fantastic, hard working couple over the flats. They recently celebrated their 53rd anniversary. We will miss them. The St. Johns (just behind Sister Parker) will be taking their place.

We've added Elder Pitcher and Elder Matekoi

and a few more elders.  left to right:  Elder McClutchie & Elder Aguilar jumped in too.

Skirt and Tie cutting ceremony. This is a lot of fun as the sisters & elders cut a part of their skirt and ties for President & Sister Parker. There is a Skirt/Tie Board that holds all of them. This is Sister Kerama.

Sister Christie's blouse

Sister Gray had already cut a small piece of fabric from her skirt.

Elder Litster

Elder Hobbs

Elder Gray.  President has a lot of fun cutting their ties

Preparing for Transfer week. This is when the missionaries that have completed their time go home and the next day the new missionaries from the MTC arrive, Also the new transfers are announced where some missionaries are assigned new companionships

making 150 tuna fish and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with the sack lunches.  It's always a very busy time.  We make lunches and dinners for them for two days.  

We even get the elders helping.  Many hands makes light work. Elder Gray, Elder Farrer, dad

Dad & I teach the "Self Reliance Class" to the missionaries that are leaving to go home.  This is a great and fun class to teach as the missionaries always have questions on what to do next.  The lessons are to help prepare them for returning to home, school, work, and dating life. We really enjoy teaching this class.  These missionaries are the best of the best!

Here are the missionaries in our class getting ready to head home.  Sister Christie, Sister Kereama, Elder Litster(front), Elder Hobbs- who we met his sister in the MTC who is now serving a mission in California

The Leavers Dinner at the Parker's mission home.

Arrivers Dinner left to right - Elder Matekohi(AP), Elder Leutele, Elder U-Fa, Elder U-Fa, Elder Pitcher (AP)

Arriving Sisters:  Sister Freitas (new), Sister Lee-Lo, Sister Taufa (new), Sister Fa'alogo.  These are strong-testimony sisters ready to go forth to teach the gospel

More kitchen action

Leavers: front row, left to right:  Sister Kerama, Sister Christie, Sister & Elder Gray.  Back row: Elder Hobbs, President & Sister Parker, Elder Litster.  They will be sorely missed, but we are so proud of them as they go forth and be examples and disciples of Christ.

P-Day with the missionaries. Dad, Elder Hartley (just arrived from outback-The Bush Elder in the Alice Spring zone), Elder Fleming, Elder Pitcher (AP), Elder Baker, Elder Callahan

Sister & Elder Farrer, Sister Townsend, Sister Goisisi, Sister Parker, Brother Nathan (takes care of all needs of President & mission)

Elder Tolbert- one of best missionaries with dad

Baptism in Prospect where Vic Lee ( second from the left) was baptized. Left to right: Elder Callahan, Vic Lee, Elder Tolbert, Mark

The day visiting Handorf, a german town about a 30 minutes drive from Adelaide. Dad, Elder & Sister Wilmont looking at the menus for lunch

We enjoyed walking through this charming little town. We did find Root Beer, which we hadn't seen up to this point.  

It's always and adventure with President Parker and desserts.  He ordered three so he could try a bite of them all! 

Look at our little pumpkin eaters! London, Sierra, and Easton. We miss all our little grandchildren. We remember well each of our adventures to the pumpkin patch.

Our giraffe loving Jake. Ready for halloween and Lilly watching and wanting to go too