Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some fun grandchildren photos

While at Costco, these two cuties got a churro!

             This was after a day playing at the Larkin office.  They had fun in the dirt and eating PBJ sandwiches. 
here's ou Lilly and dad 
Here's Jake playing with his dad's big toy
    I LOve this picture.  It shows brotherly sisterly love
     There's nothing like cooking with dad.
Here's Lilly sitting on the counter just like her mom used to do.  I used to have everyone get after me for having Jane on the counter. But I think this is just fine!!

Nora Soh's wedding

Nora & Husband, Elijah at their wedding reception at the Marion Stake bldg.
            Sister Parker & I visiting while our husbands are off & busy
       This sparkling grape juice was suburb !  They say that it's only made & distributed in Adelaide
         I need to get some of this
       As the couple were leaving, they created an arch for them to go through the.
          Sister Goisis visiting and I enjoyed our visit!

Girls Lunch at Montazumas Mexican Resturant. We were celebrating having Sister Goisisi - now she is just Sophia. She came into town for Sister Soh's - Nora's wedding. It was fun to have an excuse to get together for lunch. Left front side to right: Sophia, Sister Parker, Sister Zobrist, Sister Larkin, Sister Wilmott

Grandchildren's first day of school and preschool. Sept 2016

Jake . Our cute little preschooler.  He already looks like a missionary 

       Little London & Easton ready for preschool.  Our adorable little ones ready to go with backpacks on bright fun colors.  That's our little ones!
      London all ready with Fruit Loops.. Woo hoo!
       Our lovable little Easton.. Wish I could kiss those cheeks!
     Connor.  Our grown up 8 yr old ready to start Third grade
      Our  Little Sierra who looks so grown up for Kindergarten. In pretty bow silver shoes.  That's my girl
      Isn't this the best when brother & sister love each other
        Our little Ava in her bright red dress with pink sparkled shoes.  I love her color combinations that she adds lots of personality
       Ok so Lilly isn't in preschool yet, but we need to add her and Jackson in the photos! 
Look at our adorable Jackson & Ava.!   

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sister Lee-Lo preparing to leave. She's in the center. L to R: Sister Townsend, Sister Coultrup, Sister Lee-Lo, Sister Wilmott, Elder Wilmott

          Elder Hayes leaving.  His parents came to pick him up from Brisbane.  L to R: President Parker,    
           Elder Hayes, his father- Brother Hayes, Elder Wilkins, Elder McMurray.
          Elder Hayes with his parents. 

Preparing for the Royal Adelaide Show. Here we are receiving all the BOMs and pamphlets in different languages

Getting the pallet of supplies

Priesthood is using their strength & power to move the pallet

Caught dad in a tired moment (which is rare)

Elder Zobrist, Elder McMurray, Elder Wilkins helping with the pallet

Heavy lifting by dad & Elder McMurray

Happy group with the pallet in the shed. Elder Zobrist, Elder McMurray, Elder Larkin, Elder Wilkins

First Day of the Royal Adelaide Show. September 1, 2016. This is our booth. Left to right: Elder Larkin, Elder Zobrist, Elder Wilkins, Elder McMurray

Dad & I at the Royal Adelaide show with our Foot long 'Corn Dogs'..  They almost look scary!

Here is Dad with Brandon who was baptized 2 weeks ago and we see him at the the show by our booth. 

Elder Zobrist gets into the spirit of the foot long Corn Dog too!