Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baptism of Eunsik Bae. He's Korean and this was his baptism day after church with Elder Ruppe

Our One Year Mark of serving in the Australia, Adelaide Mission with the Wilmotts. We both came into the mission on August 24, 2015. The Wilmotts came directly to the office from Brisbane and we went into the MTC for a week before we came to Adelaide

Alice Springs 'Henley-on-Todd River Regatta' Races. This was a fantastic race that gave lots of exposure to our missionaries and "Meet the Mormons"

       Our missionaries won first place in the race, beating out the Navy.  But when they bike and walk, our missionaries have become buff.  Left to right:  Elder Hartman, Elder Hammond, Elder Touma, Elder U-Fa leading the way.  The boat was made my our missionaries and the Tennis' who built and sewed all of this.  Isn't this amazing!!  These pictures were on the Mormon Newroom of Australia.
  Here's the rest of our modern-day stripling warriors: Back row l to r: Elder Leutele, Elder Dietze, Sister Lee-Lo, Sister Mathes, Elder Hartman, Elder Baker,....  Elder U-Fa, Elder Hammond, Elder Touma
     They were fast!  It helps that Elder U-Fa was the lead one on his soccer team.
   Not sure what this is but does this look great with white shirts & ties with shorts & tennis shoes
          Elder Hammon & Elder U-Fa
         Sister Lee-Lo took first place each time in filling dirt in the barrels, but at the final race she took second place.  She was super- duper!
        Our missionaries beat out the Navy team!
           As we always do: We represent the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Dad & I having dinner in China Town at "Dumpling King". We were only given chop sticks - I was really trying, but not succeeding very well. But we had lots of laughter!

One more picture of surf and sand at the Angel Stadium Ball game with Papa. All of this is because of papa's generosity and love for all of us. How very grateful we are to him!!

Our dear Sister Taylor heading home. She has been such a great example and amazingly talented missionary. She plays the piano beautifully and we will miss her!

         Left to right:  Sister Larkin, Sister Parker, Sister Taylor, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister Wilmott
             We love Sister Taylor and her tender, quiet way she strongly taught the gospel.  I did role-play with her and she was a strong missionary teaching the gospel !

          Sister Taylor walking onto the plane

Surf and Sand August 2016 Photos that our children sent to us. We missed our fun reunion but we'll look forward to next years!

                     Laguna Beach, visiting the coi pond in Fashion Island
                   Wow!  A photo of all the grandkids and they are smiling!!!  We cherish those sweet little ones!
                     Here's the group with Eric as the body guard - He looks very serious!!   Left to right: Sierra, Connor, Jake, Easton, London, & Ava
                       At Rubys Diner- one of our most favorite places to eat and get milkshakes
              Swimming time
Look at our little beach dudes and sassy Sierra!
Here's one from Duck Creek!!

              Ava helping little brother Jackson
Jackson trying to touch the fish!
Ava with breakfast.. Yummy bear  pancakes
Lego girl with Ava
     Love this beautiful painting
    Here Jackson looks a lot like Bryce at this age. 
          Jake and Lilly over looking the beach
          Lilly trying on hats and saying 'Cheeeeeese"
           Worn out Jake - that's what the waves and water do to you at Surf and Sand
           Daddy & Lilly - so fun
            Another cute 'Cheeeeese' moment
Cute and sassy Sierra

Now that's just adorable
The one picture we have of Sierra's 5th birthday!

Wonderful day at the Temple but sad for those missionaries leaving

Left to right: Sister Esplin, Sister & Pres Parker, Elder Flinders, Elder Tolbert, Elder Barnes, Elder Henderson, Elder Kata, Elder Hales- wow this is a group!

These are definitely our coolest missionaries.  How can they not be?  Look at the smiles & poses!
Elder Tolbert showing off his torn, worn out suit with buff Elder Larkin 

Last time at church with Elder Tolbert & Flinders. They will be remarkable in the future and it will be fun to see what they do because they have offered so much as missionaries.

    6AM in the morning and taking them to the airport.
At the Airport with Elder Larkin giving them instructions..
                   Elder Tolbert
                  Elder Flinders
                      Elder Henderson
                       Elder Barnes
What great missionaries and they are leaving an indentation in the mission, but when you're on the Lord's team, that indentation will fill up quickly with other master missionaries.

Walking the walk to enter the plane
          They even smiled for us from a distance.  We love those missionaries !