Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 3, 2016. The Multi Stake Missionary Fireside. This was the first time to set up the PVC (portable visitor centers) These panels are amazing. There are four sets of them - 1) Savior 2) Restoration 3) Temples 4) Plan of Salvation

Here's the PVC on the Savior.  Elder Ruppe, Elder Tolbert (from St George ) with arm around dad. 

Dad & I. 

Sister Coultrup & Sister Maea in front of the Restoration PVC

Mom ( Sister Larkin)

More great Sister missionaries: left to right:  Sister Freitas, Sister Maea, Sister Ma, Sister Collins, Sister Reyes.

New member, Elder Flinders and dad looking and watching the new Mormon Messages displayed with the PVC

Elder Ruppe, Elder Tolbert, President & Sister Parker

Sister Parker and Sister Larkin.  July 10 at the Prospect chapel bldg.  The PVC was set up before  baptisms of Quan Wang and Shadiq Sawari.   

President Parker and Elder Larkin

After the baptism of Guan Wang.  Left to right:  Elder Makai, Guan Wang, Elder Larkin, Elder Bennion

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