Saturday, July 16, 2016

Adding our sweet grandchildren's pictures that were sent to us

June 16, 2016.  Our cute and colorful Ava!  We love our precious Ava.

I see more of her mother in Ava.  It's that cute smile!

Bryce and Ava and even Olie.  We love them even the dog!

Ava and curly head Jackson.  I remember Bryce's hair being just like that.  Are they handsome looking grandchildren?? Of course!

Excited Jackson.. Woohoo!

Happy 34th Birthday Bryce.  Smart & fast looking car cake.  Yummy

Fun Birthday gift.  Now try to keep little Jackson from trying to ride & play with it.

Summer Swimming - Jackson, Bryce, Jenny, & Ava

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Ava. Her happy smiling face and her little red shoes. A girl after my own heart. 

Top photo: Our little Easton, friend, friend, Connor, London, Sierra.  Next London & Easton at the beach and having fun.  There's nothing quite like going to the beach and spending the day in the sand and waves. We look forward to doing that when we get home. 

This was a picture taken last year about early summer 2015 ...... I think.  It's just so typical.  Easton with his full of life smile and Sierra rubbing Easton's head with her polka dot dress. Connor who is ready and following directions - and our little London wanting mom or something.  Aren't we so blessed! 

look at those beautiful teeth and contagious smiles.  Eric & Whitney were celebrating their 10th Anniversary at Park City.  

Here is the updated July 4, 2016 photo of Sierra, Connor, London & Easton.  Sweet hugs and happy!  Grandma is wishing she could kiss those dear faces.

Look at those beautiful teeth!  Are they too cute or what??  Eric & Whitney celebrating their 10th anniversary at Park City

Jenny Ava & Jackson

Here's our patriotic dad & son- Bryce & Jackson.  We feel honored to come from our great country -USA.  Celebrate ON!  

This is Connor trimming the lawn at the Mt Charleston Cabin.  I can't believe how big he is getting.  It seems like yesterday that Eric was doing that.  We are greatful that Connor is being taught how to work and hopefully dad is making it fun too!  That's what Grandpa use to do with Eric, Bryce & Jane - he taught them that work can be fun too

July 2, 2016 Jane & Kyle, Lilly and Jake going to the BrianHead cabin. 

Lilly & Jake ready for a rhino ride.  Woo Hoo that's fun!

Mommy & daughter date.  That's our posterity. Are those smiliar smiles?  Absolutely, just like their Grandma's - I can't help myself.  They are beautiful

Jake at the cabin.

Lilly at the cabin

I can just hear Lilly say, 'CHEESE'

WOW look at our brave Jake.   July 4th 2016

Jake & Lilly with the new crib. Our 35 yr old crib (all three kids used it ) died and we needed a new one.  This one now matches the room nicely and the kids fit in perfectly.  Can we keep them too?  Grandma needs them.

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