Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wonderful day at the Temple but sad for those missionaries leaving

Left to right: Sister Esplin, Sister & Pres Parker, Elder Flinders, Elder Tolbert, Elder Barnes, Elder Henderson, Elder Kata, Elder Hales- wow this is a group!

These are definitely our coolest missionaries.  How can they not be?  Look at the smiles & poses!
Elder Tolbert showing off his torn, worn out suit with buff Elder Larkin 

Last time at church with Elder Tolbert & Flinders. They will be remarkable in the future and it will be fun to see what they do because they have offered so much as missionaries.

    6AM in the morning and taking them to the airport.
At the Airport with Elder Larkin giving them instructions..
                   Elder Tolbert
                  Elder Flinders
                      Elder Henderson
                       Elder Barnes
What great missionaries and they are leaving an indentation in the mission, but when you're on the Lord's team, that indentation will fill up quickly with other master missionaries.

Walking the walk to enter the plane
          They even smiled for us from a distance.  We love those missionaries !

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