Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alice Springs 'Henley-on-Todd River Regatta' Races. This was a fantastic race that gave lots of exposure to our missionaries and "Meet the Mormons"

       Our missionaries won first place in the race, beating out the Navy.  But when they bike and walk, our missionaries have become buff.  Left to right:  Elder Hartman, Elder Hammond, Elder Touma, Elder U-Fa leading the way.  The boat was made my our missionaries and the Tennis' who built and sewed all of this.  Isn't this amazing!!  These pictures were on the Mormon Newroom of Australia.
  Here's the rest of our modern-day stripling warriors: Back row l to r: Elder Leutele, Elder Dietze, Sister Lee-Lo, Sister Mathes, Elder Hartman, Elder Baker,....  Elder U-Fa, Elder Hammond, Elder Touma
     They were fast!  It helps that Elder U-Fa was the lead one on his soccer team.
   Not sure what this is but does this look great with white shirts & ties with shorts & tennis shoes
          Elder Hammon & Elder U-Fa
         Sister Lee-Lo took first place each time in filling dirt in the barrels, but at the final race she took second place.  She was super- duper!
        Our missionaries beat out the Navy team!
           As we always do: We represent the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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