Sunday, June 19, 2016

Posting a wonderful memory when I (Melanie) was 9 yrs old. I was born of goodly parents and remembering my mother on Mothers Day

Eric & London on a fun motorcycle ride. What a good dad

Bryce & Jenny & Ava & Jackson with Grandma Bert on her 100th Birthday

Memorial Day that we missed this year. Eric & Whitney, Connor, Sierra, Easton, London.  How very proud we are of our children that are continuing our family tradition at Toquerville in memory of our grandparents and ancestors. We miss being there but we feel gratitude for our heritage.

Brandon, Jonathan, Megan, Papa at my mother's gravesite.

Our beautiful daughter,Jane & Kyle, Lilly and Jake outside of Summerlin Ward church bldg and all ready for church. 

Papa & Shauna

Lilly kissing grandma on FaceTime.. This just warms my heart.  

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