Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our flight to Darwin. We were picked up by the Farrers and the elders that are in this picture: left to right: Elder Hobby, Elder Hamilton, Elder Wilkins, Wayne & I

With Elder & Sister Farrer (JoLyn & Rick) at the airport

Here's dad jumping with the crocodile!

On one of the beaches in Darwin.  Most all the beaches are unsafe with crocodiles. It's low tide so we could go out on the beach area. When high tide comes, there is no beach.  

Feeding the fish. We were sitting right next to the edge and this scenic boat throws out bread for the fish.  

This was right on the warf where we had dinner.  It was the most beautiful sunset and view sitting right on the water. The weather was perfect and we had dinner with the Farrers and the Beards ( they live in Darwin and use to to take care of the missionaries before the Farrers arrived. 

The beginnings of the 'Jumping Crocodiles'. We were on a boat with glass windows. This huge 17' croc came within a foot of where we were sitting on the boat.

Now he's jumping for the meat

This beach doesn't have crocs but it does have jelly fish that sting!

Same beach.  This boat was stuck on shore and must wait for the tide to come in to move.  We had dinner at a buffet just in the front there.  We watched a beautiful sunset and sat on the grass until that boat could start and float away. That was about 8:30pm. 

Beautiful sunset

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