Saturday, April 23, 2016


Easter with Jackson and his Easter basket that is almost as big as he is!

Larkin Easter picnic with Eric and Bryce talking to Jocelyn, and the Stewart family and little Jackson's back on the right

Bryce and Jackson.  Jackson is identical to what Bryce looked like at his age. Curly hair, round face!!!

Our beautiful Jenny being mom to both Jake and Ava with full baskets of eggs

Jane & Jake,   Jenny & Ava.  The dads must have had the babies

Our adorable Jane & Jake 

Our handsome Kyle with Lilly.  This is at Aunt Jeannette's house because of the confetti on their heads - a tradition of cracking eggs (eggs filled with confetti) on each other heads.  It's always fun and Lilly obviously enjoyed it!

Ava and Jake and Jackson having fun with bubble machines.  It looked like they are at Papa's house.

Ava & Jake having more fun

Jane and Bryce-  Where's Eric??  Love those perfect teeth!

More little Jackson on finding Easter eggs

Bryce helping Jackson

Jake just starting to find Easter eggs

Ava & Jenny finding more Easter eggs.

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