Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 22, 2016 New Member Questionnaire mtg for Prospect Ward. We cooked pork and rice. The elders bought Chinese dumplings. We had a wonderful time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. All the new members filled out a questionnaire to help the missionaries understand their needs and to make sure they are understanding what being baptized means.

Elder Hartly second to the right

Summer, Sister Larkin, & Olivia.  These are remarkable sisters that have been members for about a year.

Dinner with a super group of members

Elder Matekohi

Sister & Elder Wilmott - we truly love this dear couple.

Elder Hanley and Elder Bennion


What a group of missionaries. Front left Elder Revillio, Elder Hanley (back), Elder Mose, Elder Bennioni, Elder Tolbert, Elder Larkin, Elder Langi, Elder B. Johnson (back)

Elder Langi and Elder Fleming (Elder Tolbert centered & Elder Johnson in the back right)

Elder Langi, Elder Fleming, Elder Matekohi

Elder Hartley with investigator

Sister Larkin, Elder Wilmott, Sister Wilmott

Elder Hartley (far right), and Dave (far right)

Elder Fleming, Elder Bennion, Elder Mose

Elder Larkin & Elder Langi

Ping pong playing.  It was so much fun as we played 'around the world'.  Everyone got to play.

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