Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentine Day Dad sent me beautiful red roses

Our Sister missionaries gave us a beautiful evening for Valentine's Day with music, games, sharing memories with dinner of enchiladas, garlic bread, salad, &  fruit.  Front row left to right: Sister Taylor (pianist), Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Lee-lo, Sister Taufa, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Soh.  Couples from left to right: Sennetts (new couple), Parkers, Larkin's, St Johns, Wilmotts.

Sister Taylor our pianist

Our dear sisters who made our Valentine day so special. Left to right, front to back: Sister Soh, Sister Vaioleti, Sister Taufa (she looks just like my niece-Gabriella), Sister Taylor, Sister Lee-lo, Sister Fa'alogo

Sister Soh & Sister Vaioleti

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