Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leavers Dinner with one of our Assistants, Elder Matakohi

The skirt cutting ceremony for Sister Goisisi.  Shine will be returning to New Zealand and she already has a date for Friday night!  Go Sister Gosisi

Elder Soli, he will be returning home to Hawaii

Elder Seru, he shared a beautiful, humble testimony.  He will return home to Fiji.

Elder Tonga will be returning home to Tonga- that was easy to remember

Elder Martineau will be going home to Utah

Elder Lee, He will return home to S. Korea . We got to know Elder Lee from our many phone calls while he served in Alice Springs as the Branch President.  He also sat on a knife that was in a truck and the edge of it came through and cut through his leg just 3 weeks befor he coming to Adelaide to return home. 

The group of us. Front row: Elder Seru, Soli, Martineau, Tonga, Lee.  Back row: Larkin's, Sennetts, Sister Goisisi, the St Johns.  With their cut ties/scarf on the table.  

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