Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heading to the Rundle Mall for our missionaries to sing. Dad did a selfie while driving! Rundle Mall is the largest Mall in Adelaide. It is in the heart of the city and we've been anxious to get a presence in the mall to teach. But while we are singing, the rules of 'busking'-singing is that there is no proselyting or handing anything out. So we sang the carols/hymns of Christmas to be an example and share the meaning of Christmas through song. They are singing in 110 degree heat. This is summer here in Australia. This makes for a warm Christmas!

Left -right,  Elder Baker, Elder Agulliar, Elder Barnett, Elder Togia with guitar, Elder McMurray (he was loving performing), Elder Fa 

They were so excited to keep singing that they sang all through the parking garage.  It was wonderul.  I think they liked the echo of hearing the voices too. 

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